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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blogging Again

So,  I have been miss or miss lately.  Okay, fine.  For two years, ish.  I have had a lot going on, currently I am slowly working through a decluttering challenge on Facebook and not participating in a food logging challenge that I said I would participate in (I am faced with my nutritional reality and this is why I am not a supermodel - among other things).  So, as I wrangle my way back into blogging, there are some things y'all need to know.  Two really.  Two.  One, I have been doing some cooking of late and you will see the product of my labor and my recipe.  Two, I tend to hit a lot of the same places, as I am not one to elbow into a crowd to be the first to a new location.  Heck, read some of my history out here and you may note that a number of places are "nevermore".  I do have a hit list of places, including Cane Rosso, Ritual, Roostar and a re-visit to Underbelly and Kanomwan.

All of that being said, please let me know where you would like to see me go.  Have a favorite that conflicts with one of my favorites?  I'm open to try.  I will then let you know what I think of that restaurant and how it compares to the one I prefer, IMHO.  Please do note, I am not driving to East Jeebus or the Lower Bongos of Outer Harris County to find your spot - so, should I politely decline, declare it your victory and try again.

So...drink your powder-based kids drink with the sweetener of your choice and follow me, again.  Giddy Up.

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