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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Faith Shaken: Houston News Source Reports...

SONIC as one of the best places to buy breakfast all day.   Yes, Sonic Drive-ins, home of the foot long chili cheese coney, the gi-huge-ic chain.  Really?  No mention of the Bellaire Coffee Shop?  The New York Coffee Shop?  Any other breakfast-all-day diner-like establishment.  Sonic to round out the list.

It saddens me, very deeply, that someone got paid for that.  Yeah, I don't write so much - but, I don't earn my living here (or I would live in a van, down by the river).

WTG Chronicle!!  Now, to see how many of the listed places are no longer in business, my second favorite thing to do.  Since they fact-check the Chomical like a mutha-scratcha.

Here's the article, see for your ownself.

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