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Friday, December 16, 2011

Shut: Souper Salad in River Oaks

I was just having a nice cell phone conversation with a dear friend, about anything but food.  Apparently, he was driving for a late lunch, as he advised me that the above referenced establishment and location is closed.  They have a "Thanks for the business" sign up.  I did my best to find him another salad bar, that might also sport soup and some cornbread, to no avail.  As we began to lament the sheer lack of salad bars (I guess they are scarce and perhaps passe - but, I love being able to make my own salad with spinach, canned beet cubes and cottage cheese and then glop some skroodle salad on the side), he said the best thing ever.  I don't think he realized it, but, he did.  And it paraphrases something like this, "How the hell, in the third largest city in America, is it that a grown man cannot find a single decent salad bar inside the loop."

 I bet he eats quiche too, on account of he's a real man, and he just wants to pile all the onions he can stand on a bed of greens and top it all with some dressing and cheese.  Me, I like the beets and green peas, myself.  I don't care if sneeze guards are so a couple decades ago - I'm with him on this, I want a salad bar, with soups and corn bread.  While you're at it, tell me where a Steak N'Ale is, I loved their french onion soup.


  1. He ate at Spicy Pickle instead....I got this review via text message: "Spicy Pickle sandwich shop good!".

  2. It's not a salad "bar", but try Bowl. You can get what you're looking for there. Off of Richmond.