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Friday, December 16, 2011

Food PSA: Fertitta buying Morton's Restaurant Group Inc.

So, he who likes food as much as I, and shares my complete lack of infatuation with the Landry's group and it's illustrious CEO sent me this here article this morning.  Fortunately, I'd already eaten my kolache or I would not have broken my fast yet.  So, it appears that the transaction will close in February, 2012 with Morton's selling it's soul for $6.90/share, or $117 million, which is 34% more than the shares were trading.  Take note, if you want something, you gotta pony up for it.

What this leads me to believe, if I follow my logic, is that people are flocking to these chain restaurants.  *Sigh*.  Okay, this is simple really - follow me.  "The Protester" is Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" (I am grappling with the concept, it's sorta like giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Pol Pot - and the announcement has resulted in a lot of people laying claim to being the basis for the decision).  Where was I?  Yes, here - so, effectively protesting can work (why do I have visions of Greek persons hurling rocks?).  Given that protesting doth work, and given that I'm not the only one that is not his biggest fan, if people put their money where their mouth is and eat local, we can make a difference (and I still caveat the whole shebang with my liking Vic & Anthony's and feeling dirty about it).   Or, you can keep running food down your neck from McLandry's.  Really, it is your choice, as a consumer.

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