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Thursday, December 1, 2011

December a, 2011: National 3.14 Day (That's Pie, Fools)

Today....National Pie Day! I know, right after Thanksgiving, the holiday during which pumpkin and pecan pies are for dessert, second breakfast, high tea and a before bed snack. However, National Pie Day is a time for indulging in sweet or savory pies. So, whether it's a fast food pot pie, shepherd's pie, or apple pie - go forth and get thy pie on.

Houston Area Pie Joints

- any local diner/cafe/pub in your general vicinity
- Oh My Pocket Pies (food truck, seek 'em out)
- House of Pies
- Flying Saucer
- your local bakery, nooooo, not the grocery store chain one, the family-owned one near your residence

And many, many more.  You have a favorite crust-encased hand held place I have missed?  Yeah, I am thinking "empanada", but, that ain't pie peeps....

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  1. I love National Pie Day. I wasn't sure where to go to get my filled pasty fix, but I will definitely try these places out - they all seem yummy!