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Friday, December 16, 2011

Breaking My Fast: Bibas KitBar

So, I told you back in October about overhearing all about the new menu, from the new owner.  And, I told you it sounded de-luscious and country and I gotta go get me some of that.  Well, I did so, twice.  The old "Bibas" is now "Bibas KitBar" and I am not a fan of the new name.  Partially, on account of the failure to shed the "Bibas" part.  It seems less like a whole new venture and more like the old one is trying to reinvent itself but, is scared to cut the apron strings completely.  What the hell is a kitbar? From the Urban Dictionary:  A douchebag, a whore, also used when talking about backstabbing, nasty boyfriend stealing bitches.  Hey, it's the only definition or explanation of a kit bar I could locate.  Gastropub, I can reasonably infer what that is.  Kitbar, I cannot get past infant fox place to drink, and that makes zero sense.

 A group of us likes to drink across the street, we note the cars, or lack thereof.  We wonder why people, in large groups are leaving the hair salon, which has had the lights off for a couple hours.  These conversations occur because we're betting whether or not they are customers.  They mostly are not.  I have only had breakfast on both occasions, so I cannot speak to the rest of the menu.  Also, I'm not repeating hearsay, this ain't yelp, so who cares what my friends have to allow about their experiences.  I may, you don't.

Breakfast on the first trip:  I ordered the country benedict and my dining companion ordered an omelet with ham, onion, cheese, mushroom and tomato.  Choice of potatoes?  Crispy homestyle was chosen over the country potatoes.  A plate lands in front of me and it's amiss.  Then, I am told "oh, we forgot your crab"....for the country benedict?  It's supposed to be one biscuit, divided, each half topped with a pork chop, poached egg, country gravy and cheddar.  What I got was a new creation, entirely.  English muffin, pork chop, egg and etouffee, with a belated thing of crabmeat.  I did have a bite, as I was starving and they were remaking my order - it was weird.  The omelet my companion had was a fat stuffed cheesy thing, with country potatoes, which were not the ones ordered.  My order comes out correct, wrong potatoes.  Delicious potatoes, but, not what I ordered.  The country benedict, done right was pretty good, but the gravy was "off" it was lackluster and thin.

Breakfast on the second trip:  I ordered the omelet just like my dining companion got the first time and my friend ordered two eggs sunny that came with black beans.  To be completely honest, I forgot what he ordered because I was focused on my order.  The omelet - not fat and stuffed but thin and meager. The ham was a tiny dice and about as prevalent as hens teeth, as were the rest of the ingredients.  I think a teaspoon each went into that omelet, the cheese on top was plentiful.  The potatoes...wrong again.  The sunny eggs my friend got had runny whites (but, I find no one cooks a medium egg properly, so you have to go sunny and hope for the best) and the beans were denounced as mediocre at best.

I will go a third time, mostly because I am dying to see if the elusive crispy breakfast potato side exists, or if it is a freaking misprint.  Overall, with breakfasts running around $8-$9 and with the West Gray Cafe down the street doing the same, better for less get the picture.  The third time will be the charm, I'll either decide to go regularly or go not at all unless someone else insists.


  1. biba's "kitbar" is dirty, very small portions. the meals are cheap, not inexpensive, but cheap. i've been twice, was disappointed twice, and will NOT be going back. and i told them so on my second visit. west gray cafe, practically next door, has better menu, better portions, for the same price. jen 1.12.12

  2. Wow - is this a joke? Your opinions and writing are questionable at best. Thanks for this embarrasing attempt at food critique. And no, I'm not affiliated with the restaurant (I've forgotten by now which one we're referring to) - just a random in Houston with a lost appetite over your really bad review... Next, please.