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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Food PSA: Winds of Change @ Bibas

I was out having a few drinks on W. Gray, when in walked a sizable dude in a chef coat. He was chatting us up about the Bibas across the street, and how he had purchased it. There are, from what I gathered some really impressive changes afoot over there. Many of you know all about the beleaguered location and it's three year hiatus from normal operations, following Hurricane Ike. It has been remodeled, including a fancy new parking lot and opened briefly a couple of months ago. The rumor mill has it that the Bibas/Ones a Meal empire divided, with OaM opening on lower Westheimer and Bibas struggling open later on W. Gray. Then, after it slunk open, it shut not long after. The OaM owner re-opened it, and has now sold it to the aforementioned dude. Or so the rumors would have me believe. Now, there appears to be big change on lower W. Gray, as the menu is beginning to morph into something completely different. Beginning, allegedly, this weekend, the breakfast menu will be overhauled. I overheard things like a scratch biscuit, topped with a pork chop and country gravy and then something about crawfish, brown butter and crab. It sounds like an upscale, yet down-home diner is in the works. The full menu should be out by next weekend. I also heard that the grand opening and brave new name should, should be hitting Houston around the 21st of October. I will have to give it a whirl, soon. Sounded so good, I had to quit listening as I had just enough to drink to make a Taco Hell drive-thru run. NOTHING good ever comes of that...and I do mean nothing. Don't take me at my overheard word, head on over there this weekend and see what's for breakfast. Who knows, could be a very pleasant and gravy addled surprise.

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