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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Opens and Shuts: June 15, 2011

Yeah, I know, I am busy at a three-legged cat with a weak constitution, busy.   Writing breaks are necessary, now that I'm getting a routine, or have honed my juggling act to optimize my time and not bust my company dreadlines.  So, now I hope to be more regular at posting, hope.  I make no promises.  Here's who's out and who's on the horizon in the world of Houston food:

The Joe's Crab Shack at Pier 19, which Hurricane Ike had his way with, has reopened as of Monday.  News? Yes. Exciting? No.  I call this chain, "Joe's Crap Shack", not worth the time, nor the money.  I think I'd hit Red Lobster first, if I just couldn't find a local seafood slinging joint, to save my soul.

King Biscuit, the Heights icon on White Oak @ Beauchamp was rumoured to be a new venture for Ms. Fitzgerald, prior owner of Fitzgerald's.  Now, Swamplot says it's listed as "For Sale or Lease".

The 11th Street Cafe (which I found mediocre, homestyle, but, mediocre) has shut and will re-open on Saturday as Ruggles 11th Street Cafe.  Ruggles.  Now that is some exciting news.  I have loved Ruggles and everything they stand for, since, forever.  I also love that the new locations are not just a rote reiteration of an existing location - they are a new food concept or have a "twist".

Hogg's n' Chicks now has two locations in Missouri City.  They serve up fare that's "Southern Fried with a French Twist".  Folks, this is a serious restaurant, even if the name almost implies "titties", perhaps that's just what sprang to my mind.  I have an aversion to bad food that draws a crowd solely for the half nekkid women.  Hell, I have an aversion to bad food, period.

Headed to San Leon?  The waterfront spot that was Judges Bar & Grill is, as of last Friday, Bubba's Shrimp Palace.  I have no opinion, I normally make that drive to hit Topwater Grill or Gilhooley's.  I smell road trip.

The Heights has a flurry of activity going on - Christian's Tailgate opened last weekend and is pitching a Grand Opening this Friday.  New location location is found at 2820 White Oak.  I seem to recall they are in the same spot as a very sorely missed barbecue joint.  I could be incorrect.

Casa Dominguez, one of my regular Sunday Tex-Mex haunts should be open or opening soon in the old Tio Pepe on Cedar.  I miss Tio Pepe, best lamb shank and sangria anywhere.  I am looking forward to CD opening, I really like their queso and that you can substitute white cheese for american cheese.  The Rollitos are delicious too.

You have some food news I missed?  Hit me up in the comments or fire off an e-mail.

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