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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burger Love: Hubcap Grill (Finally)

Things in my world went from busy to holy shat approximately 6 weeks ago.  Now, I'm an office of one, with a supervisor and there's no slow time or vacation in my line of sight.  Why the supervisory person - I require adult supervision, as anyone who knows me, knows.  At any rate, I found myself with a summons for noon jury doody, on Congress, awhile back.  Holy hamburgers, fatgirl, that's right proximate to Hubcap Grill!  Bonus.  So, I in my frumpalicious business attire, waddled a few blocks over and anxiously awaited the unlocking of the door.  Here's what I make of the Hubcap Grill's Bacon Cheeseburger.  Note: I always get a bacon cheese concoction when opining about burgers, or the closest proximity thereto.  How the hell do you compare otherwise?  Really?  Same basic premise, different basic joint = fair assessment of who's got the better product.

The inside of the place is very small, and just reeks of burgers (one deep breath and the diet is all the way off).  With such limited seating, one really should not be a jackass and sit at a table that can accomodate more people, than, say oneself.  Which I did...One girl, one two-top; in my defense, I was early and did not dillydally.  Here's how the burger and fries break down:  The burger is served on a fresh ciabatta bun, with all of the standard ingredients.  The bacon is thick-sliced and crisp, the meat was properly cooked to order.  The veggies were fresh and crisp.  Overall, the burger was delicious, hot fresh, with gently melted cheese and a fabulous amount of ooze/drippage.  And that's what caused me pause.  The bun.  The overall juiciness.  They scrap with one another about 2/3 of the way through the burger.  The last few bites, my soft, perfect ciabatta morphed into a soggy and disintigrating thing.  Caveat that:  I was not leisurely gnoshing, I consumed it - doody of the jury variety and my need for timeliness resulted in fast mastication.  The fries were extremely good, crispy, nicely seasoned and really, unless you just like to slurp up the ketchup, it's not necessary.

One word of caution, for the unititiated - bring either cash or a debit card.  They do not accept plastic monies, but, do provide a cash machine for your use.  Oh, and make sure you are hungry, and not feeling all "dainty", it's big, juicy meat.  As we all know, you cannot have your pudding, if you don't eat your meat. (ouch).

Bottom Line:  Good value for the money, excellent burger and fries.  The bun was the issue for me.  That being said, it may have been an isolated instance.  I will definitely go back, when I am in the area.  Further, I would suggest you hit their food truck (buscept, I hear that it is no mas - apparently, some food trucks offer more trouble than they are worth).  SO, drive your arse downtown and try one on.  Hopefully, the Heights location, is still forthcoming. If you haven't tried Hubcap Grill, you should.  Now that I've done my standard, I'll be venturing to the Philly Steak burger (what a delicious hot mess that looks like).


  1. Love the sticky burger. It is the bacon burger with peanut butter.........
    No cheese and no veggies.........

  2. I was intrigued by that one, but, cheese rules. Per Autumn, the Chee-to one is stupid good. Hmmmm, Saturday.

  3. I was sad when Hubcap left the Med Center area. The Noodge and I would swing through on our lunch breaks. Yummay!

    Perhaps a Saturday soon we hit up the DT location.

    Great review, btw.

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