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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's For Lunch: Reggae Hut, Mon'

I've been to Reggae Hut twice for lunch, once for brown stew chicken and once to see Jawad, while sucking on some oxtails.  Well, okay, I was polite since I was "into public" and used my knife and fork.  No gnawing on tailbones... Had I spied some marrow, things would have worked out a little differently.  Jawad, local cool guy and awesome singer/musician/poet, plays Reggae Hut on Thursdays from Noon - 2:00 p.m.  My opinion of him is very slightly biased, Jawad lived next door to me for a little while.  He's a kind and thoughtful soul, with incredible talent.  Please, please hit the link in his name and give him a listen.  I have his CD "The Collected Soul", good stuff - and conveniently available for you to purchase via that same website.

So, a perfect lunch on a gorgeous day would be unctuous oxtails with peas and rice (pigeon peas), vegetables like Mama makes and an iced tea.  Dining whilst Jawad performs, and not so loudly that you can't have a civilized conversation with your favorite dining companion.  It's a soothing background for a comforting meal. The oxtails were large and meaty, in a warm-spiced brown gravy, seared and braised to a delicate fork tender.  The problem with the oxtails at Reggae Hut, is that now that I've had them, unless I see the word "goat" on the menu board, I will fixate on the oxtails and never try anything else.  You looking for some tail(s), you need to get yourself to Reggae Hut, immediately.  If not, sooner.

Bottom Line:  Large portions of Jamaican home cooking, a nice selection of patties (pies, with a tumeric infused crust and filled with goodness, spicy goodness - just pick your protein).  The atmosphere is eclectic and relaxed.  It's a wonderful place for lunch, follow them on Twitter @ReggaeHut, or friend them on the Facebook, to find out what kind of fun they have going on any given day.  If you're there on a Thursday, give Jawad some appreciative applause, and some tip love.  Please keep him coming back!

The Reggae Hut
4814 Almeda Rd.
Houston, TX 77004
(it's right near my Tex-Mex affliction - Spanish Village)

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