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Thursday, April 21, 2011

News Flash: The Fertitta Empire Did Not Expand

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants has rejected Tilman Fertitta's acquisition offer.  Spurned, but, nowhere close to giving up, Landry's Restaurants, the three hundred pound restaurant gorilla, is going to attempt the infamous Karate Kid "Sweep the leg, Johnny", and put up a proxy fight.  This acquistion, was an all-cash offer for 100% ownership (that a hella piggy bank you got there, mister).  The offer on the table was for $9.29 per share, or more than $137 million.  Fertitta owns slightly over 10% of McCormick & Schmick's currently.  Do the whooping crane move, fight the Fertitta.  Please.  For the love of all of us who have dined at Landry's, post-Landry family ownership, fight to the bitter end. 

Wait, you're both chains - catch ya'll at Gilhooley's, or Mardi Gras....just saying.

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