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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Eats

Every holiday has a "food association", mine is Easter ham and deviled eggs.  Also, there are scads of people who head straight from Easter services to a brunch buffet.  Houston's own 29-95 has compiled a nice list of brunches and special three-course meals.  Here's the complete list for your perusal.  If you prefer to cook your own Easter Feaster, and you're rather tired of ham...there's always a lovely braised rabbit, courtesy of Eating Our Words.  Go gently into the rabbit area, as evidenced by the comments some meat is more murderous than others. "Me-OW".  I happen to like rabbit, it's yet another "white meat".

Peeps, everyone is weighing in on the candy front, and who am I not to follow them, hopping down the bunny trail, in search of the best basket stuffing sweetness?  I love black licorice jelly beans and malted milk "eggs".  The Reese's peanut butter eggs are far superior to the normal cups you can purchase year round.  Cadbury creme eggs....if I do a cartwheel without experiencing an isolated gravity storm, will you gimme one?  Sugar coated marshmallow peeps....nastified.  I bet Peep-based s'mores suck too.  I don't like them, never have.  Now, it's not a real dislike, on account of I have not wrapped my soup coolers around of of those suckers in about....25 years.  Nope, not since I was four years old.....oh, yeah, my pants are on fire, one moment, please.  I don't like peeps, unless they are "art" the pole dancing ones I've seen on the interwebs....or these.

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