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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Do Lunch: Prince's Hamburgers

I know, back to back burgers.  One is love at first bite, one is a love/WTH relationship, at best.  Bernie's Burger Bus and The Burger Guys (my two most recents, this is not a slam, spike or unintentional oversight of some of the other top-notch burgers in town, I'm looking at you, Hubcap Grill - you're my next victim) those are the burgers dreams are made of, sweet and greasy burger dreams.  And then there's that Prince's on Briar Forest right by my place of employment.  Thrice I have been recently, and, other than the fried chicken salad, I've gotten a freshly-made burger that was cold inside and incapable of melting the cheese.  I hope this is something they resolve.  I like to frequent Houston's long time legendary food spots (like, oh...Spanish Village), but, I am struggling here.  So, please to fix the cold pink burger patty and the un-melty cheese for the fat girl.  While you're engaged in burger basket restoration, please to serve piping hot crispety, crunchety fries.  Burger girls don't like the limp ones, just saying.  Especially when they are cold and stuff.

I know you will get back to a good place, Prince's.  Back to where you used to be, crispy griddled on the outside and warm and pinky on the inside.  I have faith.  I hope it's neither misplaced, nor misguided.  I'd like to see you bring your "A" game to my burger bracket.  Your veggies were fresh and crisp.  You got that going for you.

P.S.  The bacon was fresh, crisp and thick cut - you got that going for you too.  However, I did not find my "thrill", just saying.

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