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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Surviving Bitter Texas Cold, or Easy Frito Pie.

So, the mercury has raced below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit for the second time in two weeks.  This means war.  See, it's humid here in the coastal region of Texas.  This makes for bone-chilling cold.  Anyone who can operate a microwave can make a corn chip concoction that will warm you up.  All you need is a sack of corn chips, or Frito's, a can of chili with the dog-like predator on it (no freaking beans), shredded cheese and some toppings (like a crapload of chopped onion, if you're single and don't need to worry about snuggling anyone) or sour cream, cilantro, fresh chopped jalapeno (what you have in the ice box).  Some assembly is required, but, not like, say, a bicycle, you can do this.  First, you put the chips in a bowl, a single serve bowl (making one family-sized one yields mushy chips, no bueno), open the can and put the chili in a microwave safe container and zap until hot.  The "Reheat Plate" button suffices on my microwave.  Pour chili on chips until nicely coated, cover liberally with cheese and top with what you got (onion, sour cream, etc).  Grab a spoon and a napkin, eat.  See, easy.  It's also really good.  There's something about certain brands of chili, when assembled into this concoction that just works.  If the can says "hot dog sauce", don't fall for it, it's a trick.  Chili, accept no substitutes.

*Don't be scared of the calories, or amount of cheese, it's cold and you therefore need to bulk up a little.  Self defense, I call it.  Besides, you know you have all this crap in your pantry, and the chips can be purchased at the "Stop N Rob" on your way home.  Don't forget to load up on other essentials, beer, mad dog 20/20 and plenty of smokes.

Stay warm peeps, it's gonna look like Spring has sprung by next week.  Well, if the weatherpeoples are correct.

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