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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Armed Roosters? Really?

So, today is not all about the food.  Well, it's sort of an ironic twist in the food chain.  Okay, it's a news story that was sent to me early this morning.  Now, everywhere I turn on the interwebs, I see "Armed Rooster Kills California Man".  It's my domain, I am the master of it, and I find this headline magnanimously hilarious.  As I sit here, basking in the flourescents and listening to Alison Kraus & Union Station's live version of "New Favorite" and push all thoughts of Valentine's Day and it's ensuing total misery out of my head, and ramble on.  Well, I have to say something to this headline.  What's wrong with this picture?  I have visions of "Rambo, the well-muscled yard bird" pulling automatic weaponry, Crocodile Dundee knives and a few toothbrushes carefully-honed into shivs out, and tracking down the rat bastard that made him fight.  To the death.  Which is only a misdemeanor in Sunny California. First, some jackwagon put a sharp implement on that poor chicken, who did not voluntarily participate in some bizarre avian version of West Side Story, or Fight Club (depends on if you like musicals or not, work with me).  Second, the bird was probably freaked out and accidentally spiked this guy with the sharp thing someone put on him (typically over the spurs they already have).  The fact that he died is not to be made light of, necessarily. However, I cannot help but think in terms of "Darwin" and perhaps a pool of sorts getting deeper.  Color me crassly insensitive, I'm really not.  I also don't have any use for fighting animals, animal cruelty of any manner, taking advantage of defenseless children or the elderly, or any person who needs defending on account of they are not as wily as some of us.  Those who engage in said behavior and end up suffering a "bad", well, good on ya.  Karma or Nature, or whatever, will bite back, on occasion.  Armed Rooster...I am still giggling, rather inappropriately, but, giggling. 

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