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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Terribly Tasty Tacos: Taco Cabana Street Taco Scoop

I have a punch list of reviews, recipes and other ilk to write about.  Ho, Ho, Ho, where does the time go?  Oh, to the workplace and the house holiday fracas I have going on.  Today, I'm bringing you, finally, the promised review of Taco Cabana's "Street Tacos", or tacos that are real, old school tacos and not their Tex-Mex cousin-in-law, twice removed.  Don't get me wrong, I love Tex-Mex and the brown gravy in which it stands.  Okay, I love cheese, grease, every meat known south of the border (my kingdom for "good" cabrito) and tortillas and all of their accoutrements, in any fashion.  There, I'm shameless, as if you didn't know.  Todays scoop is brought to you courtesy of my dear friend Katie.  She had them first and sent me the following, I went later in the week, and I endorse this review.  I, however, found the portions a bit small for the money, myself.  I'd do it again, though.  Size ain't everything, you know - it's all about portion control, sometimes.

Katie said "Chuy's" and I said "Working through lunch, ugh".  And here she goes: 

As you know, Mexican food was on my mind for lunch today, but the thought of drinking down that yummy creamy jalepeno sauce made me feel guilty. So I decided to give Taco Cabana's street tacos a try. They have three options - 3, 6, or the family pack of 12. I went for the 3-pack for $3.99.

Each taco is wrapped in small corn tortillas (2 per taco). Inside is marinated steak, a bit of cilantro, and a lime wedge for spritzing a bit more flavor. I thought it was more to juice up the corn tortilla since I find those to be a bit dry. I went without a spritz for taco #1. I was surprised that it was actually quite good, especially since there isn't much to it. The corn tortilla was not dry and nothing dripped off the steak. What I mean by this is that it did not taste (or drip) like a cheap piece of fatty meat. I decided that tacos 2 and 3 should have a bit of lime - to see if there was a difference. And yes, there is a difference. The lime brought out the flavor of the cilantro and gave it a nice refreshing "tang". And honestly, after I finished them I wish I had not cheated myself out of the lime on taco 1.

I hope they keep these around for awhile because I will be ordering them again.

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