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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Giving: Gifts That Give All Year

One thing I failed to mention with regard to giving, that allows you to forego the lovely traffic, gifts that keep on giving.  Memberships and subscriptions!  Houston is home to some fantastic museums, for one.  There's the Houston Musuem of Natural Science, Individual Memberships are available for $45.  The Musuem of Fine Arts, Houston, memberships available starting at $50, if you are a member already, you get a $10 discount on gift memberships.   The Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston, memberships starting at $75.  The Menil Collection, memberships start at $100.  The Children's Museum of Houston, family memberships start at $75 (gets three peeps in).  The Health Museum, individual membership +1 available for $45.  Holocaust Museum Houston, friend memberships for $50.  For a complete list of museums in H-Town and the surrounding area, please click here.

Who doesn't like talking dirty to the animals?  Houston is home to a fantastic zoo!  Fun for you, fun for me and fun for the little crumb grabbers!  Individual memberships + 1 start at $55.  The zoo has a lovely new exhibit, some wee elephants, and every year there is some sort of new baby animal to peep at.  Walking the grounds is great exercise too!

Local magazines help you stay in touch with, well local happenings and whatnot (duh).  Subscriptions are very affordable, too.  One of our favorites (which we need to re-up) is My Table, Houston's Official Dining Magazine.  From soup to nuts, they cover current trends, openings, closings and other fabulous and interesting food bites.  Act now, buy banging this here link and if you buy one subscription at the low, low regular price of $24, you can buy NINE more for $12 each.  Now that is a bargain, just don't tell your dear food and wine aficionado buddies you got their present "on sale".  For a comprehensive-ish list of Houston magazines, please click here.  There's more to our magazine scene than food, but, um, hey food is where it's at.  (Yup, commited a sin, ended a sentence with a preposition, on porpoise).

You have any more grand ideas for online gifts that keep giving?  Hit me with an e-mail or leave me a comment.  Please, no jelly-of-the-month club, that shat could get you kidnapped out of your snuggly warm house and dragged off to the recipient of said fruit-based preserve club for proper punishment.  And, nothing that is Fragile in nature...just saying.  As for me and my family, we'll be watching our favorite Christmas Eve movie of all time, Pulp Fiction (no lie people, no lie).

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