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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Save the Date! Antique Warehaus Benefit

Antique Warehaus, in business on lower Westheimer since 1947, owned and operated by Gordon and Tara Greenleaf since 1990 was destroyed by fire on October 31st.  The Greenleaf's had worked to turn an antiques-only store into a "trash and treasure" effort, selling yard art pieces, Tara's art works, local honey, antiques and a line of new, more modern furniture.  Throughout 2010, GOrdon GREENleaf morphed his business into an eco-effort, after all "Reduce, ReUse and Recycle" is what it's all about (well, if you ask me).  Now working to re-establish themselves without insurance monies, with an inventory that went up in smoke along with the shop they rented, we're giving them an assist.  As we are facing the impending holiday season, members of the community are organizing efforts to give back to them, hoping to keep them on their feet, while they regroup.

"Strength" by Tara Jordan-Greenleaf
As I have muddled through life, I have found that there are four-types of people (well, excepting the ones that fall into the instant heebies, run like hell category)  from the "Heavy Starch Dress Shirt" types, that you need a soft undershirt to buffer you from, to the "Butter Soft T-Shirt" types that you just instantly feel at ease around.  People you tend to seek out and strive to be near, or in the presence of because they are like soft, well worn cotton against your skin.  Gordon and Tara are "those" people - two butter soft t-shirts - honest, hard-working and salt of the earth.  They give to their community selflessly (including donating time, monies and fund-raising items for the MBGC Cook-Off). The night of the fire, they were working a community center Halloween Party in their neighborhood.  They volunteer to make a difference to people who wish things were better, so, we're helping them...because they wish things were better.  There are also "Medium/Light Starch Shirts" and "Dryer Wrinkled Shirt" types.  I will say right here, my peeps are straight outta the dryer, or butter soft...I don't typically hang with the starchier mother scratchers.

Lone Star Beer is helping sponsor a benefit at PJ's Sports Bar, located on W. Gray at Stanford on November 20th, beginning at 8:00 p.m.  The Leo Trio has generously offered to entertain guests (and they are fabulous, I might add) and there will be barbecue and sides (unless that plan changes), a silent auction and a raffle.  Not to mention cold Lone Star - who can resist The National Beer of Texas?  Not I.  So, mark your calendar now for November 20th, it's a Saturday and everyone knows Friday is "date night" - so, no flimsyarsed excuses, m'kay?  For a small admission fee, you will be fed, watered and entertained.  You will have the joy of knowing that you've helped a wonderful couple in need.  You will reap endless benefits from the good karma you are building in giving back to those who give selflessly.  You will get to see me (um, that might be more bust than boon, just saying).  I am making SexyRexy's Fabulous Jalapeno Potato Salad (way better than seeing me, promise) and TenderPalate's Blandier Potato Salad.  Plus, I'm putting some kickass stuff in the auction, maybe even a recipe or cookbook-type thing, or food-related doohicky.  You'll just have to see for your ownself - be there.  Oh, and bring something nice or groovy for the silent auction, think of all of the children who's lives were made better through their efforts, just saying.

If you are truly unable to attend and wish to contribute, a benefit fund has been established.  Please mail checks payable to Antique Warehaus or Gordon Greenleaf to: 

Greenleaf Donations
c/o Antique Warehaus
P.O. Box 22654
Houston, TX 77227

P.S.  Get your carcass over to kaxm Gallery to see their art work, there are still works available for sale.  While you are at it, donate art supplies for ArtBridge.

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