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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ramble On: Miscellaneous Stuff for the Week

First, I went out for lunch today (I needed some home improvement supplies) and there was a Popeye's nearby.  Tuesdays, you can get a leg and thigh (mild or spicy - is there really a valid question here? Spicy, hello) for $0.99, or for $3.47 you get the chicken with a side and biscuit.  I'm on a very strict diet, so I had one straight chicken order and one "combo" with red beans and rice.  A girl's gotta keep her energy up, and all.  This special runs all day, so, ya still have time to take advantage of it, provided there's a Popeye's near you (if not, I'd move, just saying).  Anyone got a purple pill or some antacids I can borrow?

Next, The Houston Zoo has a brand new resident!  Tupelo the asian elephant, weighing 273 lbs was born on Sunday.  She'll (oops, girl elephant - my bad, thanks for the quick correction "Anon") be closely monitored and the elephant barn will be "shut" for awhile, but, this is wonderful news.  She is joining her 5 month old half-brother Baylor, we'll see how the siblings get along!

For those of you who participated in Houston Restaurant Month Week, to you (and myself) I say "Holy Crap, Batman!!", a huge accomplishment people.  Together with participating restaurants, the collective "we" raised a total of $585,000 for the Houston Food Bank.  Dude, that's a ton of food for those in need.  Pat your own self on the back!  Perhaps next year we can raise the proverbial bar and hit the million dollar mark.  We are the fourth largest city and all, it can happen!

Upcoming Events: 

  • St. Arnold Ale Dinner at Canopy:  Tuesday, October 12th; 7:00 p.m.; $65 per person PLUS tax and gratuity.  Seating is LIMITED to 32 people, buy now, hurry.  Canopy is located at 3939 Montrose Blvd.  Call or email to reserve:  713.528.6848, or
  • Discovery Green's final outdoor concert - Thursday 10/14.  Come on out and see Two Tons of Steel
  • "The Great Gulf Dinner" at The Usual, presented by Houston Press, courtesy of Gaido's in Galveston (who fed the Hurricane Ike volunteers):  October 16th; 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.; $15 per plate (boiled shrimp and fried fish, from the Gulf).  The Usual is located at 5519 Allen.  Bonus, you get a drink ticket with the purchase of a plate and, and Paige Lewis will be performing throughout the afternoon.  A raffle will also be held, all proceeds benefit Boat People SOS, which aids Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American fisherpersons.  Clicky for ticky!  This thang's gonna sell out, so buy yours now, y'hear!
Okay, that's all for now folks, more later - I swear.  I am trying to fit writing time in with working time and home destruction and general ridding of stuff.  I've been watching those reality hoarding shows and they make me have nervous tics every time I venture out to the garage for an implement of destruction, er, hand or power tool.

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