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Friday, October 15, 2010

The McRib - Live and Nationwide in November

A couple days ago, an article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye.  The McRib and what people will do to get one.  Like, drive 10 hours across state lines with a cooler?  Seriously?  Personally, myself, I don't care for the McRib.  In fact, it's a cold day in hell before I stop at McDonald's period.  Unless I'm on a long road trip and then I just avail myself of their tidy facilities.  Once they took the lard out of the french fryer...I was McDone.  I'll just take a side trip here - McDonald's sued for not serving vegetarian french fries?  That defies my sense of logic and reason.  It's as crassly ridiculous to hit a fast food burger joint that doesn't serve veggie burgers and expect a vegetarian meal, in my book, as wanting vegan Tex-Mex?  What is that?  Chayote and chile powder in a gluten-free tortilla with soy cheese?  Sorry.....I love veggies and persons who only eat what grows from the dirt - but, let's be a touch on the rational side.  If it was just a french fry snack for ya, don't get all mad at me.  Opinions, I have them. Okay, back to the real subject:  The McRib and it's devoted legion of followers (groupies). 

The McRib, introduced in 1981, is a sandwich on an oblong bun constructed of a boneless rib-shaped patty, pickles, onions and barbecue sauce.  My issues are: the meat is processed seven ways to Sunday and molded into an unnatural shape; and I despise all bottled barbecue sauce, for the most part.  I grew up with Daddy making barbecue all the time, and his own sauce.  I am a true barbecue snob and wholly obnoxious as to what and whose barbecue I will actually eat (caveat this statement with, if I am living off my own body fat, I will eat pretty much anything that won't bite me first).  There are over 300 groups on "The Social Network", that are dedicated to the McRib and there's even a McRib Locator.  The McRib, there's an app for that.  McCrazytalk.

At any rate, those of you who worship the McRib and will do anything to get one (legal or not) are going to be in hog heaven soon.  On November 2nd, the damn sandwich goes live and nationwide for the first time in 16 years.  Yup, you should be able to hit any franchise and get yourself one for six whole weeks!  All persons suffering in silent agony of unrequited McRib love, you will be sated, even if only briefly.  Buy a bunch and freeze them for later?  I won't be purchasing any, so there's more for the true fans.

Pork clarification:  I love pork and everything it stands for.  I positively adore "pig chips",  I will eat vienna sausages on occassion, consume hot dogs with gusto (I was gonna say relish, but, I can't bring myself to) but something about the McRib just McCreeps me out.  I know, it's irrational.  It just is what it is, man.


  1. Haven't seen one here in Houston........
    YET. I was first exposed to this pre stamped mystery meat the first go round by a friend who adored them. Although I have to admit to being a closet Mikey D's junky at times. this thing left me somewhat puzzled. Is it supposed to look like a rack of baby back ris?

  2. The meat "pattie" is processed pork that has been fashioned into something that's supposed to resemble ribs and then dunked in barbecue sauce.

    Personally, not a fan - but there are legions of rabid ones. It should be available at any McDonald's - odd that you haven't spotted one locally.