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Monday, October 18, 2010

Laned and Out Done by Caroline (Not a Surprise, Really)

All last week I toyed with the idea of posting about the ridiculousness that is "sexting".  Especially since Brett Favre, who has temporarily retired from professional football more times some bands have gone on "farewell tours", did "it".  Allegedly, that is.  He has been accused of taking a photograph of his groceries and sending said pixels to a female sports reporter he had his eye on.  At least use the "good" camera.  Another demerit for a quarterback.  The quarterback is supposed to be the wholesome guy.  He doesn't get popped for juicing, never gets caught with illegal substances, refuses to fight dogs, wouldn't think of beating on his lovely bride, and never does the "hokey pokey" in public.  These things just... don't..., um, so yeah, nevermind. This is not basketball, kids.  At any rate, I was going to write up what I hoped to be an inciteful, witty-like ramble as to how women are not nearly as impressed by your dangling participle as you would like for them to be.  How you may not get the intended outcome from your action.  Caroline beat me to it, and in good fashion.  She out-funnies me regularly, and you should read her business, regularly.  I nearly spit coffee on my monitor and keyboard this morning.  It's funny as all get out, and it's true boys, it's really true.  Read it and take note, and quit that business.  Seriously.  It's awful, not amorous or amusing - and if someone sends their sympathies back, just remember, you started it.  So, don't getcha feelings all hurt.

Caroline attended the Texans game with us yesterday, five girls - one great football game.  Sparsely populated parking lot, same gripe about tailgating and paying for passes for friends, on top of parking and paying for the season tickets.  We won't discuss the $7.50 beer, oops.  I am playing my own version of "Where's Waldo?", where is Texan Elvis?  He's been absent the past two games.

The boudin we grill at our tailgate is from D.J.'s Boudain over in Beaumont.  It's fantastic stuff, buy yourself some and ask your grocer why he's not carrying it, unless he is.

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