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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hot Dog! That's a deal! Today Only

There are two schools of thought regarding James Coney Island, established in 1923.  One is that the coneys are delicious and one is that they are not.  Myself?  I count them among one of my dirty little food fetishes.  If you're going to be bad, go big or go home.  I like the Combo #1, two coneys and fries and while you're at it, just put chili, cheese and onions on everything.  Sometimes, I get all wild and get the tater tots and I have to have an iced tea (no calories or sugar, you know, on account of how I'm always on a health kick).  Well, JCI lovers, every dog has his/her day and today is THAT day. Chili dogs are $0.87/each all day take out or dine in, no limit - but the cheese is extra.  If you see a girl toting a mess of them in a box out the door, with a suspiscious, "If you don't see me do it, the calories and fat don't really count" look - well, could be me, just saying.

They are also advertising a limited time only item that piques my interest (diet, you know)  It's a doggie wrap containing a beef sausage, Frito's corn chips, chili, cheese, onions, mustard all ensconced in a warm flour tortilla.  I can't help but wonder if Ken Hoffman has ingested one.  Other specials?  Limited time chili deal!  Add a 4 oz serving of their famous chili to any combo for a scant $0.99.  The Sunday special is back for a limited time, you can get original coneys for $0.99, again, cheese is extra.  Kids eat free on Wednesdays from 4:00 p.m. until closing.

When I moved to this great city to attend college, my first ever date involved dinner at JCI and a movie.  The date and the movie were not very memorable.  The JCI experience changed me and was likely the beginning of my "freshman forty".  Well, the old "Gold C coupon books" with "BOGO" offers for JCI and Frenchy's didn't help much, either.  I was broke and I had a very used little dorm fridge that always had the "free one" in it for my next meal.

Click here for a James Coney Island location near you.  Or not.

Hot Diggety Dog, Houston!  Dig on in.

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