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Friday, August 27, 2010

What I Did for Summer Vacation, or Nerd's Day Off

I took a day of vaction Monday, because I could really, and I like to take a day off work near my birthday.  I had grand designs for my day that involved cloud cover, lower humidity and the Houston Zoo.  There are baby flamingo's right now, plus, the ducks on the pond at Hermann Park have ducklings.  Not to mention, I have not been to the zoo in years.  This is pathetic on my part, really.  The "feels like" (which annoys the crap out of me, tell me the temperature and relative humidty, period) for the day was allegedly 105-ish.  Pardon me while I ramble off a little, but, if you don't live with the air conditioner on 70, but rather 78, it may "feel like" 100, or less, to you - don't tell me how hot I feel, weatherperson.  I changed my plans to better fit a day of blazing sunshine and amazing heat.  I did some indoor stuff and will plan to "Talk Dirty to the Animals" another day.

I kicked off my morning with a lovely breakfast at the New York Coffee Shop, located at 9720 Hillcroft Avenue.  For the unitiated, it's one of the very best diner breakfasts in the Bellaire/Meyerland area.  If you go on a weekend you will be waiting for a long time to grab a table.  But, on a weekday - walk in, sit down, get coffee, no problem.  I have a very good friend who's working midnights and I convinced him to go with me.  I ordered my usual order, a pastrami and swiss omelete with home fries and an everything bagel, toasted.  I always take the bagel home for an afternoon snack.  He had the EggMitBagel sandwich, and it looked pretty delicious.  I may "leave home" and try that next time.  My omelete may sound odd, but once you've tried it you will never be the same.  The home fries are ripple cut and orange with spice and grease.  I have no idea what they use, all I need to know is where to get them.  If you go, don't bring a picture taking device - on account of I have it on good authority he might flip out a little.  Also, don't take notes - that's discouraged as well. He being the owner, that's whom I am referencing.

Holy spices, Batman!
Since I was relegated to indoor activities, I decided to reorganize my spice cabinet.  An unfortunate "molasses" incident left the shelf-liner sticky and that needed to be remedied - plus, I have had to do some serious rummaging to locate spices.  I put the cover down on "Minnie", my 1940's Chambers Model B (when I grow up, I hope to restore her) and unloaded the cabinet.
Once the two small, double-decker lazy susans from Bed, Bath and BringACoupon were unloaded and cleaned, I cleaned the liner (from the same store, it's a heavy-grade plastic with ridges) and set about restoring a sense of order.  I installed four vinyl-coated pockets on the door, and put baking spices in one, common spices and larger containers in the other.  I discovered that I have two bottles of powdered ginger and a plethora of nutmeg (whole for grating and powder - crazy talk).  Looks like everyone's getting Sticky Black Gingerbread for Christmas this year.

The last bit of excitement on my day off?  I cut more okra from the garden, blanched it and vacuum-sealed it for the freezer.  I planted about 18 okra plants and its gone crazy, I cut almost a pint a day.  One of the ironies of life is that I find it a tad too hot to be making a big pot of gumbo.  The other?  My tomatoes are long gone, so I can't rightly stew the two together, either.  I have three new 'mater plants ready to install for a fall crop.  Wish me luck!  The fall tomatoes will "make" after the okra has "quit making"....right?

And that's how a self-described "nerd" or "dork" spends a day of vacation!  Well, and I went to belly dancing class, a subject of which I shall not really speak.

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