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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things From Today!

Wow!  Steven Tyler is going to be an American Idol judge - I may have to watch an episode.  Normally, I'm only good for the tryouts and only because they crack me up.  This is just something that kinda caught my eye this morning.  The real news, the big excitement I learned from the interwebs today?  It is Hatch Chile time!  H.E.B.'s Central Market stores are on the receiving end of 13,000 cases of these lovelies!  The Houston Chronicle had a write-up, complete with recipes.  One was for queso with hatch chile and oh queso, I don't feel good about that.  Queso is a canned, diced tomato and chile product with some processed american cheese food and maybe some milk to keep it from being all clumpy and thick.  Hatch chile deserve roasting and adding to say, crab cakes - which recipe looks lovely.  I would scrap the panko and just pan fry the cakes, myself.  This is exciting news, as real Hatch's are so vastly different and much more delicious than the canned chiles.  I plan on "making my groceries" at the H.E.B. this weekend, "Hatch Chiles" is at the top of my list!  They can be roasted and frozen for future use, just saying. 

H.E.B. is also hosting a 4th Annual Hatch Chile Recipe Contest!  Give that your best shot! Entries should be submitted online by the 29th, so you have some time. If you're a better eater than cooker, you can enter to be one of the judges for the contest.

No Fail Queso

1 can of diced tomatos and green chilis, with the juice
1 lb of processed american cheese food, roughly diced

Pour the can of tomato stuff in a Pyrex or heat-proof measuring cup and microwave for 1 1/2 minutes, or until it's hot enough to boil.  Place diced cheese food in a glass or microwavable bowl, or into a medium-sized crock pot.  Pour boiling tomato stuff on cheese and stir.  For whatever reason, and I am no chemical engineer, this keeps the dip from going clumpy on you.  Serve warm with good tortilla chips.

Note:  My Kroger ad from today shows hatch chiles for $0.99/lb with the Kroger card.  Sounds like a good price, Htown.

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