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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eco-Eating: The New Compostable SunChips Bag!!!

YES! YES! YES!  Now, I can feel good about being bad.  Not that being bad, from a food perspective has ever really weighed heavily on my conscience.  Well, not true - the time I had 5 pieces of "Love That Chicken", Spicy (is there really a need to ask if anyone wants Mild, if you don't see small children) when no one was watching me, with a small red beans and rice, I did feel rather guilty.  Hell, I even went for a walk that evening after I futzed around in the yarden.  Anyhoo, the slighly better for you than regular chips chip is now packaged in a compostable bag!  I do know that fruit or raw vegetable sticks are better for me.  I also know that sometimes I need salty carbs to make me happy, or happier, or haul me out of some doldrums or a good "mad". 

I am pleased that I can now purchase what I term "crap with a conscience"!

Don't get accustomed to these types of flurries of blogging activity, okay?

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