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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chain, Chain, Chain: Smashburger

Before I tell you about my smashsperience, I must point out something rather cool - I think.  My work is busiest first thing in the morning, and I like to follow that flurry of activity with about five or ten minutes of foodie news and information. Typically, I read Eating Our Words first - I know, Robb Walsh has gone on, still a good read, funny, insightful and the comments bust me up.  Plus, I know the new food editor.  Today, my spidey senses were all a-tingle for some reason, and I'm feeling a touch feisty.  What before my wondering eyes did appear?  A list of food blogs in Houston, including this one here.   I'm now less feisty and almost feeling "special" - in a good way, not an UberDork way.   The article in full - which is a great food blog resource.

About me?  Here's my fifteen minutes of interwebs fame:
Aghastronome: The brand-new blog of former Houstonist food writer Mary Jane Poorman covers mostly restaurants and can best be described with this attitude: It's just food. Enjoy yourselves, people.
I'm not sure on the "it's just food." part....but, food, like art is subjective - that's a whole different post rattling in my head, though. That's on account of this being new, and me not launching on some rant about to-go boxes and how polystyrene has a 500 year half-life.....yet.  I do plan to write an answer to the comment my Houstonist article on said doggie bags received.  It sat with me about as well as a serving of potato salad that's been sunning itself for half the day.

Right.  Smashburger!  I happened to overhear a co-worker say it, out loud and I invited myself into the food run.  Hey, I was hungry and food is just about the only thing I am downright unabashed about.  For a chain, Smashburger is a very serviceable burger that won't totally break your bank.  I am half-addicted to smashfries, at least the regular potato ones.  I ordered the new sweet potato smashfries last week - they were limp and soggy and I was completely unimpressed.  I'll try them again, in case it was merely a "bad fry day".  Typically, I order the American with bacon - it's a well known fact that I am a fool for bacon cheeseburgers.  I "left home" last week and tried the mushroom and swiss - cremini mushrooms add a lovely flavor.  However, the addition of processed sliced swiss, like faster food chains use, brought the overall experience down a couple of notches (the "aghast" part).

Today, I had the Buffalo Smashchicken Crispy and plain fries.  I like the smashfries best, I think I was punished for inviting my way in on the order.  I was, um, being eco-friendly and not driving a second car to the same place, yes, that's it.  This was a wonderful sandwich, even after being toted back to me at the office.  Even after I had a nice "water cooler chat" with a co-worker while my smashgrubs sat on my smashpod work surface.  The chicken was still hot and very crispy, there was a nice amount of bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and buffalo sauce.  The honking blob of mayo?  I scraped off some, it was freaking me out - because it's fattening.  This is all ensconced in a tender egg bun.  I am impressed with what you get for ten bucks here.  Next trip, I may get my processed pig product on and order a hot dog.

Bottom Line:  If you're out driving around and spy a Smashburger and your belly is empty, don't be hating on the chain - it's a tasty burger. Try one, you'll like it.  I'll get back to you on the sweet potato issue, once I've done more field research.

Props to Smashburger for using recyclable paper packaging. 

My co-workers look at me like I have lost my last good marble when I point my crackberry at food on my desk.  No photo for you.

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