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Monday, August 2, 2010

Breaking Brews News: St. Arnold Releasing Oktoberfest Today

It's hotter than a two dollah, um, pistol today - but, you can feel cool or cooler with visions of October weather dancing in your head.  Plus, all of the fabulous beer festivals, just saying.  You can be one of the first to sample the lastest brew to be released, Oktoberfest, today.  Just hit the 3:00 p.m. tour and tasting at the brewery.  Unfortunately, I am unable to attend, seein's how I have not hit the lotto, found a Sugar Daddy or had to resign myself to midnight shift.

Oktoberfest, one might reasonably infer, will be headed to a grocery or liquor store near you, soon.  This is good news.  So, bets on Christmas Beer by Halloween?  Just kidding, as long as St. Arnold's is bringing the beer to the market, I am a happy girl.

Speaking of...

Dear Santa,

I would like to hit the lotto, not the MegaBall, just a plain ole lotto jackpot.


(Hey, it can't hurt and might help)

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