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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Terribly Tasty Tacos: El Rey

Today, I met a former co-worker, current customer and overall really decent friend for lunch.  He shot me an IM message "El Rey".....what do you say to that?  Um, "El Yes, when", that's what.  I have tiptoed, not in the tulips, but, around the smoking wagon.  I am back on said wagon today and determined, I tell you.  I have said my peace and counted to three.   Plus his really decent family has had tobacco (read: smoking) driven health issues, and the truth of the matter is that I have been rather hard-headed and dare I say stupid in not stopping this mess sooner.  But, it really does make me fussy and irritable, "it" being the quitting part.  Food gets me back to where I need to be, unfortunately (I think I'm going to fill out a little, just saying).  El Rey tacos are just delicious, consistently delicious.  My only flimsy complaint from this visit?  I was too hungry to point my crackberry at my plate and the carnitas were a touch dry, even with the sour cream I added.

I am a creature of habit, and I really need to break that habit too.  I understand that the Cuban Sandwiches are outrageously good.  I walk up to the counter, I stare at the menu...I peruse all of the options and the same words spill forth from my soup coolers....."I'll have the Three Amigos", and then I start making the tacos, carnitas on corn with sour cream (this one makes the order lady look at me funny), shrimp tempura on corn and a cuban taco on corn with beef add guacamole.  The rice and beans are servicable, todays beans were a touch salty.  The tacos are where it's at.  I could get by on three tacos without the additional carbs, but my brain won't allow it.  The rotisserie chickens look tasty too, but, I cannot get past the taco plate.  Maybe next time, since I will be nicotine free (so help me, I will).  Here's the full menu, for your perusal.

My other new habit?  Waking at 2:00 a.m. and not being able to fall back asleep.  At least I manage to keep my mitts out of the fridge, in the very wee hours of the morning.   And that's a "no" on the warm milk, regardless of what anyone says.  Tonight, I'm headed to Sorrento with my favorite sister (it's merely coincidental that I only have one sister) for a belated birthday dinner.  I'll have the crackberry, I'll share my grainy photos.  Later, I'll post on the best wings in Texas - which I happened to find in Kerrville, along with the best ever french fried potatoes.

El Rey Cuban & Mexican Cuisine
9742 Katy Freeway, D-100
(behind the Five Guys Burgers & Fries)

More locations here.

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