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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Did I Get Here?

So, I started this up to continue to mutter, ramble and publish things of import to Houstonians.  It seems as though Houstonist has had it's proverbial plug pulled.  The last "live" day is this coming Friday, sadness.  So, here I am - addicted to writing and excited that I don't have to be "we", sort of.  It is said that safety is found in numbers.  I am alone and afraid on the interwebs.  However, if no one wants to read my crap, I can kill the blog and disappear into my cube farm.  The absolute horror.

Tonight I am going to Kanomwan, home of the best Thai in Houston.  I will be toting my crackberry device and plan to actually step-up and purchase a "big girl" camera.  Soon, you will see my fuzzy arse food photo and my first "bona fide" review.  Going forward, I will be the nerd in the punchbowl, to bastardize a phrase.  At dinner, photographing it.  Thankfully, I have nerdy glasses too, so, it's more expected of me.

I have also leapt off of a technological cliff and can be found on Twitter. @aghastronome. 

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