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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flora: The Lois Adventure

Lois, Slightly Past Her Prime
I did hit the Houston Museum of Natural Science this past Saturday morning.  Early.  I arrived at 7:15 a.m. to hit the Will Call and pick up my tickets and pay for that day's parking in the HMNS garage.  Membership has its perks.  If you are not a member, it's ten bucks to park - members only pay five.  Picking up my tickets was a piece of cake and then I walked to the line.  The very long line for entrance to the Cockrell Butterfly Center.  My friend met me in the queue at 7:30 and we proceeded to wait, the lines were long, but, honestly it was not that bad.  

Lankford's Omelette
Admissions that early on Saturday were running about 15 minutes behind so, we gained entrance at 8:15 a.m., however, you still had to remain in line and slowly, but surely make it up the stairs to the bug exhibit.  We were behind a woman who seriously photographed every painted bug, mural and item of slight interest (read: anything that wasn't just plain wall) and I have to admit to whispering that it might be funny if her battery died before we got to Lois.  It did not. Which was a good thing. Once we snaked around the bug exhibit, pausing to eyeball a few hissing cockroaches, a brown recluse and the tarantula and then watch some "hatching" butterflies and quivering chrysalis, there she was.  Lois.  My floral affliction.  Her spadix was deflating and she was ever so barely funky.  She was still beautiful, now, she has collapsed upon herself - the spadix is slumped over, limp.  After rushing helter skelter, past Chacho the iguana, we beat a hasty retreat.  I purchased a t-shirt commemorating herself, and noted the time and the emptiness of my belly.  Food. Now. Hurry.

Landford Breakfast Taco
We arrived at Lankford Grocery shortly after nine and I can tell you (well, I would love to say it was stupid crowded, so that no one encroaches on my ability to walk right in and sit right down) that's the perfect time to arrive.  Coffee. Check. Water. Check.  We perused the menus and ordered:  two potato egg and cheese breakfast tacos for my friend and an omelette for me.  My omelette had choices...I chose all of the veggies (tomato, onion, mushroom and bell pepper), bacon, biscuit and grits.  Nothing at Lankford is "finely minced", the potatoes on the breakfast taco and all of my omelette veggies, rough chop.  I like this, it's homey and hearty and the chunks are not too large to be more than a mouthful.  We both had a bounty if cheese.  My bacon was perfectly crisp and abundant, the grits were smooth and buttery and the biscuit was almost creamy in texture.  Epic Breakfast Win!  Next time I make it to Lankford, the chilaquiles are on my radar.

The price is nice and they only accept cash.  Lankford brings the groceries, you are pretty guaranteed to leave full and happy.  After my big fat Lankford Grocery breakfast...I napped.  When attempting to dine here, timing is everything - we've mentioned that Triple D loud person, Guy Fieri.

Lankford Grocery
88 Dennis St

Yup, still using the crackberry - for now.

Here is a link to my Lankford Grocery burger review from Houstonist, January, 2008.

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